The Raw Timelapse Tutorial – Kit Breakdown

Shooting a time-lapse is not a science. There is no perfect formula to ensure you are successful every time. However, there are a few things that will improve your chances of nailing your shot. In the video below, I will be covering the different types of equipment I USE TO SHOOT A TIME-LAPSE.…
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Stay Charged: How to Keep the Power Flowing

Batteries are an obvious necessity in outdoor adventure filmmaking.  On quick, short trips it’s not a huge deal to simply take along a few extras and make sure they are all fully charged before you head out the door.  On longer trips however, you might have to think harder about your power supply.…
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Film & Social: Graham Zimmerman

[row cols_nr=”3″] [col size=”8″] Over the past decade Piolets D’Or nominee Graham Zimmerman has been exploring the mountains of the world through the lens of technical alpinism. His presentation will attempt to explain what alpinism is, how he got involved and why he loves it. …
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