Gift Giving Guide for Your Gear Head

The holidays are upon us. Whether you’re a gear head crafting up a wish list or you simply have a ‘gets-too-excited-about-the-latest-technology’ person in your life, we at AFS have done the hard work for you. For a variety of budget ranges, these filmmaking tools will help spark creativity.

Nasa Koski: Joby tripod and Moji Lantern Nasa Koski shooting on location in the Great Sand Dunes National Park

As Chase Jarvis said, the best camera is the one you have with you. For daily moments, that’s often my cellphone. One of my favs this year has been the Joby Gorillapod of Point & Shoots. This handy tripod can help you stabilize your shot, timelapse in a random spot, and take a snapshot further than the length of your arm. Its compact nature easily fits into your bag. Pair this guy with the GLIF, which is great for not only tripod use, but also as a kickstand.

To find out more about the Joby tripod, click here
To find out more about the GLIF, click here



The Black Diamond Moji Lantern is a discovery I snagged from Preston Kanak. This small & compact little lamp packs a punch while still keeping the light quality soft. If you’re interest in night timelapse, try sticking these bad boys into the bushes to highlight your foreground or add an accent. It will take a few tries to mold the light just right (we’ve been known to cover it with dirt or tape), but it’s magic when you get it.

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Micah Baird: Sony A7s II and Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-mount Lens Adapter Micah Baird on location in Boston Basin North Cascades

The mirrorless A7s II is an adventure filmmakers dream, in my opinion anyway. It’s super lightweight, its low-light capability is phenomenal, and with an adaptive mount like the ones Metabones makes, you can use all the glass you already have, which for me is Canon. Plus the Metabones adapters boost the speed of your lens! While most of the features of the Mark II are pretty much the same as the Mark I, the biggest improvement for me is the internal 4k recording. No longer do you need to buy something just as expensive, like the Atomos Shogun monitor/external video recorder. Bam! Second place in improvements is the tilting LCD screen. I assume they realized without an external monitor, some improvements to the functionality of the on-board LCD monitor were needed.

To find out more about the Sony A7s II, click here
To find out more about the Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-mount Lens Adapter, click here



Liz Hampton: ENO Twilights and Olloclip/ Moment lenses Liz Hampton prepares meal in Boston Basin North Cascades National Park

ENO Twilights are a perfect addition to spruce up your campsite. These lights are light-weight, bright (23 LED’s), and great for ambient light. They come in two different color options, and the batteries last up to 72 hours. Bright enough to light up your whole tent without using your headlamp, but not enough to ruin your timelapse!

To find out more about ENO Twilights, click here 

eno twilights

The new mobile devices such as the Olloclip or Moment lenses are perfect for the world traveler who wants to amp up the quality of their iPhone pictures. Don’t have room or the money for a large DSLR and lenses? Not a problem, these mobile devices are small, durable and perfect for snapping quick high quality pictures in the spur of the moment during your next holiday adventure!

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Carly Harmon: Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger and GoPro accessories LT camera practie_

The Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger is great durable tool for making batteries last while in the back country, or even just to throw in your purse when you know you will have a long day and won’t have a place to charge your phone.

I have a GoPro, but I would love some new accessories and mounts for it, such as the 3-way, the smart remote, the jaws flex clamp, or the unglamorous, but very functional, 64GB memory card.

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